Keep Soil Erosion From Damaging Your Landscape

Support sloped land with a stone or brick retaining wall

Do you have property on slanted land, like the side of a hill? If so, gravity will pull the soil on your property downhill over time. Water will accelerate the process, especially if you don't have a strong system holding your soil in place. One way to do this is by installing a brick or stone retaining wall that supports your land.

Newcomb Outdoors offers comprehensive retaining wall installation services. With our help, you'll get a solid retaining wall that will:

  • Control flooding
  • Add an attractive feature to your landscape design
  • Increase the value of your property

Plus, we'll install it for a fair price, so you can get those benefits without cleaning out your wallet. Call 336-264-8029 now for a free estimate on retaining wall installation services.

Know the signs of soil erosion

Know the signs of soil erosion

If you're not sure whether soil erosion is affecting your property, there are a few things to look for. When soil moves away from trees, it can reveal roots that weren't visible before. Eroding soil can also build up on your sidewalk or driveway. To find out more about soil erosion and controlling it, contact our team today.

Transform Your Property With A Retaining Wall

Hire our landscapers for a retaining or sitting wall installation in Morristown, Dandridge, Jefferson City TN & surrounding areas

Are you underwhelmed by your level landscape? A sitting or retaining wall is the perfect way to incorporate more layers and add dimension. You can get a stunning flagstone, natural stone or brick wall from Newcomb Outdoors. We serve clients in Talbott, Morristown and Dandridge, TN.

You can include a retaining wall in your patio installation, add one to your existing patio or request that we build a stand-alone wall. Reach out today to get a free installation estimate.

4 reasons to build a retaining wall

4 reasons to build a retaining wall

Retaining and sitting walls offer practical and aesthetic benefits. You should install one to:

  1. Limit flooding
  2. Prevent erosion
  3. Create more space for plants
  4. Introduce more seating options

You'll be amazed at the difference a high-quality wall can make. Call us now at 336-264-8029 to schedule an installation Morristown, Dandridge, Jefferson City TN & surrounding areas.