Revitalize Your Old Patio Pavers

Reach out to us for patio restoration in Talbott and Kodak, TN

Has your once pristine and perfect patio faded over time? While patio pavers are incredibly durable, they do have a weakness between the stones. Contact the experts at Newcomb Outdoors to ask about our patio restoration services in Talbott and Kodak, TN.

During your patio restoration, we will use polymeric sand to stabilize the joints and sealers to protect the color and appearance of the bricks. Call 336-264-8029 today to restore the original appearance of your patio in the Kodak or Talbott, TN areas.

What are the benefits of sealing pavers?

What are the benefits of sealing pavers?

Bare, unsealed brick might look fine at first. But weather and use will quickly take its toll. Schedule a patio restoration to:

  • Minimize overall maintenance needs
  • Prevent stains from oil, food, drink and more
  • Slow the growth of moss and mildew
  • Seal in color and appearance
Keep your pavers looking new for longer. Contact the local patio experts at Newcomb Outdoors in Talbott and Kodak, TN.