Remove Excess Growth for Healthier Hedges and Bushes

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Growing full, healthy hedges requires frequent care and attention. Bush and hedge trimming is essential for an improved appearance and controlled growth. Give your hedges and bushes the makeover they need with bush trimming services from Newcomb Outdoors in Talbott and Kodak, TN.

Our professional crew will arrive promptly and complete your hedge trimming services with little disruption to your day. Call 336-264-8029 now to receive an estimate on our trimming and landscaping services in Kodak and Talbott, TN.

What are the major benefits of trimming?

What are the major benefits of trimming?

Most people only consider trimming bushes when they grow too large. You should have your bushes trimmed regularly. Frequent trimming is valuable for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Health- trimming removes dead or diseased branches and allow more sunlight to the inner branches for more even growth.
  • Privacy- as the bush or hedge develops more full and even growth, you'll experience much better privacy.
  • Insect control- frequent trimming can stop the spread of insect infestations around your home.
Our bush trimming services will give you a thick, healthy landscape. Our services will also boost your curb appeal. Contact us today to schedule trimming services in Kodak and Talbott, TN.