Find a Patio Design That Fits Your Budget in the Talbott & Kodak, TN areas

Choose from many different shapes and colors with a brick patio

Brick is one of the most popular choices for outdoor features. A brick patio is durable, easy to work with and customizable. Bricks are made by hand and can be created in many different shapes, colors and designs. The price of a brick patio will vary depending on what kind of bricks you use.

Newcomb Outdoors provides landscaping services to residents of Talbott & Kodak, TN & surrounding areas. Our patio builder will help you design a patio that will match your home and go easy on your budget. Speak with our landscaper today to schedule a patio installation.

Brick can save you money in the long run

Brick can save you money in the long run

Brick is a cost-effective patio material that will continue to be more affordable than other options even after it's installed. Many homeowners choose brick because...

  • It doesn't fade - Brick doesn't lose its color over time like some other materials.
  • It's durable - Brick is extremely weather resistant. With proper care, a brick patio can last for generations.
  • It's easy to fix - If a brick is damaged, a skilled patio builder can just swap out the damaged brick for a new one.

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